Hemsaw Eliminator Synthetic 201 Eliminator 201

Jobs that require a clean surface for following processes such as welding or painting.
• Leaves minimal residue
• Oil-Rejecting formula
• Non-Staining – safe to use on all metals

Hemsaw Eliminator Semi-Synthetic 202

Eliminator 202

This Multi-Purpose fluid is suitable for most all cutting and machining processes.  With a partial oil base, the Semi-Synthetic will cut the harder metals, but still retain the cleanliness of the synthetic.
• Does not contain chlorine, nitrates, phenols, or DEA
• Excellent corrosion protection
• Superior resistance to microbial degredation

Hemsaw Eliminator Spray Mist 204

Eliminator 204 Mist Fluid

Designed for use in Minimum Quantity Lubrication systems where “flooding” the metal with coolant is not desired or needed.
• Organic oil base
• Contains no chlorine or sulfur
• Minimal residue

Available in: *  Single Gallon  *  4 Gallon Case  *  5 Gallon Pail  *  55 Gallon Drum  *  275 Gallon Tote


Synthetic: Synthetics are made up of water and water soluble additives.  They derive their lubricity from surfactants or soap type additives.  Synthetics off a cleaner environment and little residue left on the work piece.

Semi-Synthetic: Semi-Synthetics contain a low to moderate portion of oil (2-30%) as well as water soluble additives.  Semi-Synthetics give the best of both worlds with the cleanliness of the synthetics, and the corrosion protection and added lubricity of petroleum oil.